LCSW-Behavorial Health Integration

Job Number 53788
Posted 4/2/2018
Account Northern Light CA Dean Hospital
Department Northwoods
Location |ME| Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital, ME 04441
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Day
Hours 8:00 am-5:00 pm
The LCSW - Behavioral Health Integration is independently licensed with 2 or more years of experience in clinical practice which preferably includes supervisory experience. He or she works collaboratively with clinical, administrative, nursing and physician leadership. This clinician applies evidence-based knowledge and acquired skills to assess, diagnose and treat patients with behavioral or substance abuse problems in an outpatient medical setting, either on-site or via telemedicine. He or she understands or is willing to learn about the collaborative model of care applied in a patient-centered medical home. He or she adapts interventions to the work flow and pace to that of a busy primary care practice, including rapid assessment and brief treatment. He or she is a clinical leader, consultant and a resource at the medical practice in program development, in guiding group decision-making, in implementing plans, and improving quality of care. He or she is proficient in ensuring that ongoing liaison occurs with patients, medical providers, and families. He or she is an enthusiastic learner who actively seeks research and knowledge to ensure current, evidence based practice while adhering to key components of collaborative care. This clinician performs any duties and/or responsibilities within his or her scope of practice as assigned by the Clinical Supervisor Behavioral Health Integration or Director of Behavioral Health Integration.


Establish rapport and maintain an effective working relationship with diverse individuals, including patients, family members, and providers.
Listen actively and effectively, as demonstrated by the ability to quickly grasp presenting problems, needs, and preferences as communicated by others, and reflect back that information to ensure that others have been accurately understood.
Clearly convey relevant information in a non-judgmental manner about behavioral health, general and health behaviors using person-centered concepts and terms that are free of jargon and acronyms and are easily understood by the listener.
Serve as an effective member of the inter-professional team, helping other providers on the team to quickly conceptualize at patient's strengths, healthcare problems, and an appropriate plan of care.
Advocate within the healthcare setting or team for the role of the patient and family member in healthcare decisions.
Respond immediately, if at all possible, to requests for consultation or intervention from other providers.
Routinely conduct brief, evidence based, and developmentally sensitive screens for the risk, harmful, or depending use of substances, including alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications.
Routinely conduct brief, evidence-based, and developmentally appropriate screens for cognitive impairment, common mental health problems, and behaviors that compromise health.
Routinely conduct brief screens for risk related to self-harm, harm to others, impairments in functional self-care, and environmental safety.
Detect signs of abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and other trauma in individuals across the lifespan.
Provide or arrange access to "patient navigation" services that focus on benefits and financial counseling, transportation, home care, and access to social services, peer support, and treatment.
Implement disease management programs and strategies for selected health conditions, combining the use of engagement tools, health risk assessments, cognitive and behavioral interventions, web-based tools, protocols and guidelines, formularies, monitoring devices, shared decision-making aides, illness and whole health self-management strategies, peer support and empowerment approaches, and call centers.
Identify evidence-based interventions and best practices for integrated care settings.
Deliver brief, trauma-informed, problem-oriented treatment for mental conditions or problematic health behaviors.
Deliver brief, trauma-informed treatment for risky or harmful substance use conditions, including the misuse of prescription drugs.
Deliver brief, supportive interventions addressing the consequences of illness and injury.
Plan and deliver services with an understanding of the healthcare needs of the population being served.
Use an electronic health record to retrieve relevant information and to document care concisely.
Screen, assess and provide services to patients using computer-based and web-based tools.
Communicate with patients and family members using secure online, mobile, and "smart" technology and devices.
Safeguard patient privacy and confidentiality with respect to communication, documentation, and data.

Qualified individual must be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by the Maine State Board of Social Work. Ability to be flexible and exercise independent judgment. Demonstrates collegial and multi-disciplinary relationships along the treatment continuum. Experience in hospital-based clinical treatment services preferred. Attends all mandatory safety related education programs. Follows safety procedures to prevent injury to self and others.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.