Cancer Care

Our expert team of healthcare professionals provides education, support, and choice every step of the way.

We provide evidence-based, compassionate, individualized consultations and treatment close to home and coordinate with your primary care provider, specialists, pathologists, radiotherapists, pharmacists, and nurses with special training in cancer care.

We provide the only radiation therapy treatment north of Bangor.

A.R. Gould Hospital provides access to a regional network of advanced cancer care services that can benefit those affected by cancer.

  • Chemotherapy via infusion, injection, intrathecal, intravesicular and intraventricular routes

  • Diagnostic procedures including lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsies

  • Oncology Nurse Navigation Services

  • Specialty infusions, such as Remicade for Rheumatoid arthritis and/or inflammatory bowel disease patients or Tysabri for MS patients, and so on

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  • Radiation therapy with a state-of-the-art linear accelerator, external beam, IMRT, and IGRT

  • Diagnostic radiology procedures including biopsies with the guidance of ultrasound or CT

  • Radiation Oncology provider visits both follow up and new patient consults

  • RN Oncology Nurse Navigator

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