Gavin Ducker, MD


Senior VP and Co-President, Medical Group 

Gavin Ducker, MD is physician co-president of the Northern Light Health Medical Group. He and his fellow physician co-president, Karl Spittler, MD, together also serve as System Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Ducker is board certified in Family Medicine and continues to see patients in his office one day a week. He joined Northern Light Health nearly 20 years ago to be a “country doctor” in one of the system’s more remote clinical sites, where he spent 10 years. From there, he served in a variety of roles, including medical group regional director of primary care, and medical director of the regional medical group. Prior to his current role, Dr. Ducker was chief medical officer for Northern Light Inland Hospital in Waterville. 

Dr. Ducker was born, raised, and medically trained in the UK. He earned his Medical Degree from the University of Southampton. A dedicated community champion, he enjoys helping the people of Maine, having served on numerous community boards and service organizations.