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chemo-duck.PNGDid you hear about the Medical Center hoping to buy Chemo Ducks for our young patients newly diagnosed with cancer? Here’s your chance to help! We first told the story of the impact Chemo Ducks are having on our patients’ lives during the Turn Up the Miracles Radiothon. If you didn’t get the chance to donate, there’s still time. Click the link above to make a donation. Each duck costs $50, and we’re hoping to purchase 25. Thank you!
When you donate to help buy items on our Wish List – items like a Chemo Duck - you are changing kids’ health and you are changing the future.

MacKenzie's story

MacKenzie is a 15-year old from East Machias. She and her family are grateful to the team in the neonatal intensive care unit for saving her life after she was born three months early. This little two pound miracle would spend her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day in the NICU.

Photo-Feb-21,-12-57-51.jpgJay Hagerty, MD, neonatologist, also left a mark on the family. MacKenzie’s mom Wendy remembers Dr. Hargerty as “An incredible doctor who will always hold a special place in our hearts. He saved MacKenzie’s life when she was so sick and little. The first to call her feisty! She was over two months old before the mystery of why she couldn’t breathe on her own was solved. When the results came in, he was as excited as we were to have answers and a plan to get her better. His bedside manner and calm quiet nature are so reassuring to families. I can’t imagine having gone through all that we went through during those first 100 days without him in our corner.”

Meet MacKenzie: