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Downtown Practice Offers Flu Shot Scheduling Online

Date: 10/09/2020

We’re always looking for ways to make healthcare work for our community! We’re pleased to announce that patients of Northern Light Primary Care in our downtown Waterville/Concourse practice can now schedule their own flu shots right on the Northern Light Patient Portal (called Now that’s convenient!

Postcards promoting the new service have started to go out to patients and will continue over the next few weeks. People need to be signed up on the Patient Portal to access the flu shot scheduling feature. Practice staff members are encouraging sign ups at every medical visit; when the patient agrees to sign up, they are sent an email invitation to join from the practice with all the step-by-step instructions.

Please note: The online flu shot scheduling is only available to patients of the downtown/Concourse practice right now, but we’re working on expanding the feature system-wide in the coming months. As the pilot site, the downtown practice is helping us understand how popular and valuable this feature will be to patients.

The Patient Portal allows patients to see their health information, message their healthcare team, request medication refills and appointments, and more. We have established a tech-support hotline for patients to use if needed during the sign-up process.

Learn more about the Patient Portal HERE.