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COVID-19 Update

Date: 09/25/2020

In an ongoing effort to keep our community aware of developments with our recent COVID-19 situation, we are providing this update:
  • Based on CDC guidelines, some staff who were quarantined have returned to work as it was determined they were not exposed (we were very cautious in quarantining staff). Some staff remain on quarantine for 14 days. All the currently quarantined staff have tested negative but must remain out for the full 14 days per CDC guidelines.

  • Our Employee Health and Infection Prevention teams, in conjunction with the Maine CDC, are working with staff as appropriate. For privacy reasons, we are not releasing specific numbers.

  • We have not placed any additional staff on quarantine. Please contact the Maine CDC if questions on the contact tracing process.

  • The only positive tests were the single patient and the two staff members who had social contact with the patient prior to their admission as well as during their hospital stay.

  • Inland remains a safe place for staff and patients because we follow CDC guidelines, which includes screening everyone who enters our facilities and appropriate use of PPE.

  • We are encouraging our community to get the flu vaccine. CDC influenza mapping is already showing sporadic flu in Maine. We want to reiterate that COVID precautions are also effective for flu prevention:

    • Wear masks and keep at least six-feet from others

    • Wash/sanitize hands often

    • Avoid social gatherings where illness is proven to easily spread