Shared Governance

NLH_Nursing-Practice-Model-(1).jpgNurses are leading the way in developing a new shared governance model, with a goal of achieving safe, efficient, effective care in a healthy work environment and a focus on professional practice, quality, and competence.

The Nursing Shared Governance Council is comprised of the co-chairs of unit councils. Each department within nursing has established their own unit councils made up of team members who have been elected by staff and includes nurses and techs.

Because they are at the bedside, nurses are in the best position to identify the greatest opportunities for improvement, and are well supported in making changes to improve the patient experience as well as nursing at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Shared Governance:

  • Empowers nurses to use their clinical knowledge and expertise to impact decisions regarding their professional practice

  • Demonstrates a commitment to sharing authority with regard to nursing professional practice

  • Encourages nurses to partner with each other to accomplish the mission, vision, and values of the nurse and organization

  • Works collectively toward a common goal of providing quality patient/family-centered care

Unit-Based Councils:

  • Establish ongoing communication between the direct care nurse, all unit staff, and the Unit Based Council (UBC) representatives so everyone's voice can be heard

  • Create an engaging and fulfilling work environment promoting growth for nurses

  • Provides patients and families with evidence-based practice and innovative care to ensure the best outcomes

  • Work together with the team and leadership to address concerns, prioritize and strategize a response, and discuss how to improve processes. Representatives from each UBC meet monthly at the Shared Governance Council to discuss projects and target solutions