Residency Details

In addition to a hospital and unit-based orientation, the Nurse Residency Program consists of a 12-hour workshop day once a month, included as part of the scheduled 36 hour work week. Workshops include a 4-hour seminar, a small group evidence-based practice project, clinical immersion opportunities on various units, and simulation training at the NLH EMMC Simulation Lab.

Seminar topics are focused around one of three program components: Leadership, Patient Outcomes, and Professional Role. Topics are general in content to the nursing profession and organization as a whole and serve as a supplement your specialty-specific clinical training, focused on developing critical thinking, communication skills, and your role as a professional nurse and member of the inter-professional healthcare team.  

Workshops also include facilitated small group discussion and debriefing. This allows residents an opportunity to discuss the clinical application of the seminar topic as it relates to their own experiences to gain support, insight, and confidence in practice. The Nurse Residency Program is mandatory for all new graduates.