Acadia Hospital CARES

Together, we can help to create opportunities for learning and growth, and work as a community to help young people navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of adolescence.

Our Child-Adolescent Resource and Educational Series, or CARES, highlights crucial youth mental health and wellness issues. The series follows young people as they address topics such as eating disorders, bullying, anxiety, sexual identity, substance abuse, and resiliency.

The video series provide adults with important, expert information that can be used to keep children and teens safe. We are fortunate to have a number of experts featured in the videos, and they will be providing timely information, along with helpful resources.

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We have a strong tradition of outreach and education on youth wellness issues, from our award-winning short dramatic film, The Road Back, to over 15 years of sponsoring Challenge Days at Maine high schools. We also do an extensive amount of public engagements in communities and schools, because we believe that our youth deserve to have the tools necessary for them to grow and succeed; and if they are struggling with mental health issues, we know the sooner they receive professional treatment, the better their long-term results will be.