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Updated Visitor Policy

Date: 04/07/2020

Now that Aroostook County has our first confirmed COVID-19 patient, we are taking additional steps to further protect our patients, staff, and the community. One of these steps involves further visitor restrictions at our facilities.

No Visitors at Continuing Care in Mars Hill

We continue our policy of no visitors to our residents at Continuing Care (formerly Aroostook Health Center) in Mars Hill. An exception for a resident at end of life may be possible but must be requested on a case by case basis.

No Visitors at AR Gould Hospital with Limited Exceptions

On the whole, visitors will no longer be allowed at the hospital. There are a few special exceptions:
• Two visitors for compassionate care for end of life
• One partner or support person for an Obstetrics patient
• One parent or guardian for a minor patient
• One visitor for special or unique situations, such as if a patient is incapacitated in decision making, has altered mental status, or has cognitive challenges Patients suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 cannot have in-person visitors. We will be offering the option for patients and families to connect via Zoom.

No Visitors at Outpatient Offices with Limited Exceptions

Visitors are no longer allowed to accompany patients at our outpatient offices with a few special exceptions:
• Pediatrics - One parent/guardian with the minor patient
• Oncology - One visitor when there is a visit for a new diagnosis
• Eye Care - Drivers that are needed will be called to come in when the patient is ready to leave
• Obstetrics - One visitor with first ultrasound, anatomy or emergent ultrasound(s)
• One visitor with the patient in any practice if the patient needs assistance due to cognitive impairment
Connecting Through Technology
We encourage all patients and their families to use communication tools such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Snapchat, and WhatsApp to remain connected.

Thank You! We understand that family support is an important part of a patient’s well-being, and we do not take this step lightly. We are doing all we can to best protect those in our care as well as all in our community.

Thank you for understanding.