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Recent Births at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital Announced

Date: 09/10/2020

Presque Isle, Maine — Among the “special deliveries” born at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital in July and August 2020 were the following:
BERNIER – A boy, Wesley Paul Bernier, born July 3, to Taylor and Eric Bernier of St. David. Maternal Grandparents are Lise and Gary Pelletier of Madawaska. Paternal Grandparents are Andrea and Daniel Bernier of Frenchville.
BROWN – A girl, Stacia Alaina Brown, born July 22, to Sarah and Eric Brown of Caribou. Maternal Grandparents are Mary and Craig McGlinn of Woodland. Paternal Grandparents are Charlene and Chuck Brown of Caribou.
CHENEY – A girl, Marian Jean Cheney, born July 30, to Alexandrea and Joshua Cheney of Wade. Paternal Grandparents are Sylvia and Bob Buob of Chapman. Paternal Grandparents are Shari and David Cheney of Castle Hill.
CROUSE – A girl, Brynlee Lynne Crouse, born July 22, to Katelyn York and Hunter Crouse of Blaine. Maternal Grandparents are Chrystal York of Mars Hill and Acil York of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Amanda and Matthew Crouse of Blaine.
CYR – A boy, Elliott Joshua Cyr, born July 26, to Emily Lee and Jacob Cyr of Presque Isle.
GETCHELL – A girl, Isabelle Kate Getchell, born July 23 to Chelsea and Brandon Getchell of Perham. Maternal Grandparents are Nicola and John McNally of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Louanne Langley of Presque Isle and Rick and Tammy Getchell of VT.
HUTCHSINSON – A girl, Charlotte Adalyn Hutchinson, born July 29, to Haley and Riley Hutchinson of Linneus. Maternal Grandparents are Amy and Dean Gardiner of Hodgdon. Paternal Grandparents are Cari Gibson and Adam Hutchinson of Linneus.
IRELAND – A girl, Kinsley Grace Ireland, born July 24, to Sadie and Adrien Ireland of Houlton. Maternal Grandparents are Sharon Cameron of Oakfield and Steven Chabot of Fort Kent. Paternal Grandparents are Jen Smith of Oakfield and Shawn Ireland of Houlton.
McMANN  - A girl, Anastasyah Rose McMann, born July 27, to Elianna Bonner and Bradley McMann of Limestone. Maternal Grandparents are Andrea Ordway of Phoenix, AZ and Kevin Bonner of San Diego, CA. Paternal Grandparents are Renee McMann of Limestone and Joesph McMann of Fort Fairfield.
NASON – A girl, Wynter Isabella Ivy Nason, born July 24, to Alexandria Neher and Joshua Nason of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Gail and John Neher of Cary Plantation.
PHILBROOK – A boy, Braylon Morgan Miles Philbrook, born July 27, to Kiona Philbrook of Caribou.
QUINT – A boy, Colson Andrew Quint, born July 9, to Samantha and Logan Quint of Hodgdon. Maternal Grandparents are Carrie and Jimmer Palmer of Linneus. Paternal Grandparents are Bonnie and Andy Quint of Hodgdon.
WHITE – A girl, Hadleigh Elizabeth White, born July 6, to Lauren Antworth and Kody White of Bridgewater. Maternal Grandparents are Helena Antworth of Bridgewater and Rick Antworth Sr. of Blaine. Paternal Grandparents are Molly Nickerson of Bridgewater and Gary White Sr. of Blaine.
BLAISDELL – A girl, Ava Laine Blaisdell, born August 7, to Jade and Richard Blaisdell of Connor Township. Maternal Grandfater is Ryan McConnell of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Paternal Grandparents are Jodi and Robert Blaisdell of Conner Township.
CAMPBELL – A boy, Colton Richard Campbell, born August 13, to Jessica and Daniel Campbell of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Tammy Clavette of Caribou and James Henderson of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparent are Martha Poirier of Caribou and Eugene Campbell of Fort Fairfield.
CARMICHAEL – A girl, Evalynne Crow Carmichael, born August 31, to Monica White and Jacob Carmichael of Houlton. Paternal Grandparents are Spring White of Houlton and Robert White of Hartland. Paternal Grandparents are Bobbie Winslow of Hodgdon and Rodney Carmichael of Littleton.
CARNEY – A boy, Cyrus Matthew Carney, born August 13, to Miranda Donovan and Matthew Carney of Masardis. Maternal Grandparents are Tammy Donovan of Ashland and Mikeal Donovan of Masardis. Paternal Grandparents are Peggy and Ricky Carney of Mapleton.
CARVELL – A girl, Layla Marie Carvell, born August 14, to Hilary and Mark Carvell of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Jan Hedrich of Presque Isle and Aaron Harvey of Glenburn. Paternal Grandparents are Barbara and Robert Carvell of Presque Isle.
DOW – A girl, Natalie Marie Dow, born August 23, to Alica and Brandon Dow of Merrill. Maternal Grandparents are Donna and Doug Rockwell of New Limerick. Paternal Grandparents are Emily and Reggie Dow of Linneus.
DUPERRY – A girl, Caleigh Mae Duperry, born August 20, to Brandy Duperry and Joshua Burby of Ashland. Maternal Grandfather is Robert Duperry of Masardis. Paternal Grandparents are Elaine Cameron and Robbie Burby Sr. of Ashland.
GANTNIER – A girl, Phoebe Dylan Gantnier, born August 6, to Beverly Burby and James Gantnier II of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Rose Gantnier of Morrow Plantation and Frank Betschner of Smyrna. Paternal Grandparents are Samantha Allen and James Gantnier of Sherman.
HARSHMAN – A girl, Freya Lily Harshman, born August 25 to Ashley Harshman of Ashland. Maternal Grandparents are Gloria and Steven Hedgpeth of Ashland.
HARTMAN – A boy, Devon Adam Hartman, born August 21, to Angela and Carson Hartman of Mapleton. Maternal Grandparents are Robin and Randy Norsworthy of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Paula Charette of Fort Kent and Hugh Hartman Jr. of Saco.
NADEAU – A girl, Gracie Catherine Nadeau, born August 11, to Kayla and Charles Nadeau of St. John. Maternal Grandparents are Rachel Corriveau of Frenchville and Ronald Corriveau of Saint Agatha. Paternal Grandparents are Leisa and Mike Nadeau of Saint Francis.
SUITTER-LETARTE – A girl, Ember Lyn Letarte-Suitter, born August 8, to Sheryl Letarte and Jonathan Suitter of Fort Fairfield. Maternal Grandparents are Cathy and Keith Letarte of Fort Fairfield. Paternal Grandparents are Dawn and Basil Suitter of West Enfield.